Saturday, October 07, 2006

The pros and cons of the technological age

I think the effect that that technology can hace on the life of people and society is very useful as long as machines and inventions do not bring with them problems such as incommunication.
To talk about the pros of technology, we can say medicine is benefied with many different possibilities to investigate unknown diseases.Also,there's a lot more of information what could be known without computers and internet.
To talk about the cons, it is believed that the excess of information can cause many doubts in the people at the time of hearing,watching or reading the news.Besides,the new communicational resources,such as internet,sometimes make us abandon other activities like reading,or writing letters.
So, i think technology definitely has to be taken as a double-edged weapon.It's time to learn how to use it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pride And Prejudice-Summary by chapters

Chapter 5:
Charlotte tells Elizabeth that she overheard Bingley say that Jane was the prettiest girl in the room.Elizabeth tells Charlotte how she overheard Mr.Darcy insulting her.

Chapter 6:
Miss Bingley is surprised by Darcy's interest in Elizabeth,but Darcy ignores her comments and he passes the rest of the evening without incidents.

Chapter 7:
Darcy asks after Elizabeth's family and she mentions that Jane is in London and asks if he has seen her just to see how he will react to her inference that he has something to do with the way that Bingley left Jane.Darcy looks confused and says that he hasn't seen Jane.

Chapter 11:
After dinner Jane is feeling well enough to join the others in the drawing room, and Elizabeth is delighted by the attention which Bingley shows to her. Miss Bingley continues in her vain attempts to please Darcy, and even feigns a love for reading, picking up the second volume of the book which he is reading. She then begins to walk around the room, attempting to catch Darcy's admiration. She fails, but as soon as she invites Elizabeth to walk with her Mr. Darcy looks up and stops reading. They begin to converse about Darcy's character, and Darcy admits that he has a tendency to be resentful.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The weather and our moods

I think the effect that the weather can have on the mood of the people depends on every person.It's a fact that when you see a sunny day you want to enjoy the day with friends and go out.Also,it it believed that grey and rainy days can cause depression.But instead of thinking in rainy days as sad days,we could think of them as good days to stay at home and to have a rest of our hobbies or occupations.It will be an interest way of having a good time all the time.

Strange but true

That night I couldn’t sleep so I went out and I lied in the garden to watch the stars.
Everything was perfectly normal.I closed my eyes for a second and then when I looked up to the sky again,a blinding light suddenly appeared to me.I couldn’t believe it.
I ran into the house and called my parents to tell them what happened outside.They told me that I was tired and I probably fell asleep and dreamed it all.
I went to my bedroom and tried to sleep but I couldn’t because of what had happened. I guess there are things hard to explain.

The World Cup - For and against

The FIFA world cup of Germany left a list of good and bad things to discuss.To talk about the good things,we can mention the stadiums,the organisation,the security control and,of course,that a world cup joins people all over the world.Besides,it is important to emphazise the performance of the argentinian referee,Elizondo.
Then,to talk about the bad or negative things,we must mention the enourmous business that covers the results of every match.Also,we can say there was no good teams or matches in the tournament.
After this balance,there aren't really much possitive aspects to believe the next world cup will be better than this one.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

About me

Hello,I am Maxi from Lanús,Buenos Aires,Argentina.I am seventeen years old and I live with my parents and my brother.I like the music and especially the "indie rock".I Also enjoy very much watching movies and writing.Some of my favourite movies are "Donnie Darko","Lost In Translation","Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind","Subway","24 Hour Party People",and many more.In my free time I like to go out with friends and see concerts and that kind of stuffs.Well,I guess that's all.Or almost.Bye...